Optical details

Optical detailsMirrors, lenses, plates, prisms, tubes & rods. >>>

Training sets in physics

Training sets in physicsOptical disk, set of optical filters, set of geometric optics, spectrum color wheel, direct-vision prism. >>>

Fiber optics

Fiber opticsLighting bundles, fiber optic tapers, fiber optic elements (FOE), fiber optic plates >>>

Optical glass

Optical glassOptical glass is produced for the own consumption and for supply to consumers in the form of blanks of optical components in accordance with the requirements of GOST 13240-78 (pressings, plates with cut edges and asfirepolish). >>>

Road marking insert (RMI)

Road marking insert (RMI)RMI is installed on center malls, pedestrian crossings and are designed for visual orienting drivers on the roadway at night. RMI are made according to the modern road safety require-ments. >>>

Consumer goods

Consumer goodsMagnifier 3x: Magnifier is designed to examine small objects (stamps, pictures), to read small print text using local illumination. Overall size: 85х61х22mm, weight 0,08 kg. Magnifying force: 3 times Lens optical diameter: 49 mm Casing is made of plastic, color can be different. Magnifier 4x: Overall size: 170 x 8 x 18 >>>

KGW crystals

KGW crystalsOJSC «Plant «Optic» is the leading manufacturer of potassium gadolinium tungstate monocrystals activated by neodymium α-KGd(WO4)2 - Nd3+ and active elements from it which are used for the generation of laser emission at low pumping energies (0.5-1 J). Monocrystals of our manufacture are characterized by high optical quality, high radiation >>>

Spectacle lenses & spectacle lenses with anticomputer coating

Spectacle lenses & spectacle lenses with anticomputer coatingSpectacle lenses are produced on high-efficiency lines with the use of modern technologies and imported polish materials of high quality. At the present time the plant produces the following mineral spectacle lenses out of optical glass BOK3-UV with index of refraction ne -1,525 - monofocal stigmatic MS with power from – 25 up to 20 >>>

Optical details

Optical detailsMirrors, lenses, plates, prisms, tubes & rods. >>>

We manufacture prisms and lenses of various configuration, plates, flat and spherical mirrors, light filters, wedges, tubes, rods. The parts are made from optical glass of various types, silica, water-soluble crystals, monocrystals KGW, activated by Nd, Yb, with chemical and physical coatings. We have experience of producing optical parts of the Customer’s feedstock. We have the serial production of aspherical lenses for headlights, of optical glasses for stomatological, laryngeal and ENT mirrors, trial lenses for the ophthalmologist sets, ophthalmologic Goldman 3 mirror lenses, Van-Bojninghen 4 mirrors lenses. Besides, we serially produce the compressors for trichinascopes applied in veterinary, demonstration sets on physics, shaped glass for respirators.

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19th Republican Universal Exhibition & Fair “EUROREGION “NEMAN-2017”

Posted on 14-08-2017

OJSC «Plant «Optic» is going to participate in the 19th Republican Universal Exhibition & Fair “EUROREGION “NEMAN-2017”, which will take…


Posted on 24-07-2017

Dear colleagues! We invite you to visit our booth No 3F6-2 in Pavilion С at the International Military-Technical Forum «Army-2017» (Moscow,…


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