Sciascopy frame

Plant Optic OJSC is the only manufacturer of sciascopy frames on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
Sciascopy frame set is intended for use in ophthalmic practice for the objective determination of clinical eye refraction by the method of a shadow test-skiascopy.
Sciascopy frames are made in two versions – LSK-1 and LSK-2.
The set LSK-1 allows you to determine the refraction of the eye with an interval of 0.5 diopters.
The set LSK-2 has additional slider with positive and negative lenses with posterior vertex refraction of 0.25 dptr. and 0.75 dptr., which allows to determine the refraction of the eye with an interval of 0.25 diopters.
The service life of sciascopy frames is at least 10 years.


Parameter description Value
1.  Measuring range of refraction ± 19
2.  Error in refraction should not exceed values in the range, diopter:
— for sciascopy frame lenses
from 1,0 incl. to 6,0 incl. 0,12
over 6,0 to 9,0 incl. 0,18
—  for lenses of the slider :
0,25; 0,5 0,12
10,0 0,5
—  or lenses of the frames in combination with the lenses of the sliders:
from 1,25 incl. to 5,75 incl. 0,25
over 5,75 to 9,75 incl. 0,3
over 9,75 to 18,0 incl. 0,5
over 18,0 0,8
3.  he acceptable value of the prismatic action arising due to the decentration,

prism diopter:

-for lenses of the frames and the sliders, diopter.
from 0,25 incl. to 2,0 incl. 0,12
over 2,0 to 5,0 incl. 0,25
over 5,0 to 8,0 incl. 0,38
over 8,0 to 12,0 0,5
over 12,0 0,75
4.  Measurements of the sciascopy frame, mm. 370х42х12
5.  Max. weight, kg.:
— of the sciascopy frame 0,180
— of the set with the packaging 0,8