OJSC «Plant «Optic» was founded in 1970, it is located in Lida, Grodno region, the Republic of Belarus.

The original specialization of the enterprise was the production of optical components for the compilation of various types of equipment, photography and camera equipment, optoelectronic devices and optomechanical devices for special purposes, devices for scientific purposes, photography and camera equipment, devices for medical equipment.

Вased on the assumption that the plant possesses high-performance technology and has qualified personnel of workers and engineers in the field of glassmaking and machining in 1991, the reprofiling of production and expansion of the output of civil and medical products begins.

At present, the main activity of OJSC «Plant «Optic» is the production of medical devices. The manufacture of mirrors for dental, guttural and ENT devices, test lenses for ophthalmologist’s sets, ophthalmologic three-mirror lenses according to Goldman and four-mirror lenses according to Van Beuningen were mastered and put into production. Besides, we serially produce the compressories (trichineloscopies) applied in veterinary.

Also OJSC «Plant «Optic» has the possibility to manufacture geometric optics — prisms and lenses of various configurations, plates, flat and spherical mirrors, light filters, wedges, tubes, rods, components for optical instruments and photographic equipment, laser-, medical- and scientific research equipment, spectacle lenses of various classifications.

In order to increase the competitiveness of products and reduce the time of its production, as well as reduce dependence on imports, the company constantly develops new brands of optical glasses. Our specialists have developed a new spectacle glass BOK-3UV, produced in the form of spectacle blanks. Spectacle blanks almost completely absorb UV-B radiation and significantly weaken UV-A radiation, exceeding by these characteristics the glasses of well-known foreign firms. A qualitatively new characteristic of glass BOK-3UV is the eyes protection against ultraviolet radiation, which is especially dangerous in the wavelength area shorter than 320 nm while maintaining high transparency for visible rays.

OJSC «Plant «Optic» grows potassium-gadolinium tungstate monocrystals, doped by neodymium ions and has the possibility to manufacture laser active elements from them.

OJSC «Plant «Optic» accepts orders for metalworking. The enterprise has a production base for performing special turning, milling, locksmithing and welding works, which makes it possible to manufacture various types of machining tools and accessories according to customer documentation with the necessary technical requirements.

In the company store of OJSC «Plant «Optic» you can buy  consumer goods, spectacle lenses and ready-made glasses. In addition, you can order prescription glasses. Therefore, in our store is a wide range of spectacle frames.

OJSC «Plant «Optic» is a modern dynamically developing enterprise, which has established a reputation as a reliable partner that delivers products not only to the domestic market, but also to Russia, the CIS countries and the European Union.

OJSC «Plant «Optic» is a regular participant of specialized exhibitions: in the Republic of Belarus — International Specialized Exhibition «Healthcare of Belarus»; in the Russian Federation — Moscow International Optical Exhibition «MIOF», International Specialized Exhibition of Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies «Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics».

The main goal of the management is to increase production efficiency, maintain the achieved level of quality, increase the competitiveness of the products, and meet the requirements and expectations of the consumer.

The Quality Management System is functioned in the company in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016.