Laser active elements from single crystels of KGW

KYW crystals

Single crystals of potassium-yttrium tungstate (KYW:Yb), doped with ytterbium ions, α-KY (WO4) 2-Yb3 +, are used in lasers to generate ultrashort pulses (50-200 fsec). KYW:Yb single crystals are a unique laser material that allows laser diodes to be used most efficiently (efficiency> 50%).

Nonlinear crystals (KTR, BBO)

Our company grows for many years single crystals KGW and produces active laser elements from them. To expand the range of manufactured laser elements, we have mastered the technology of growing KTP and BBO single crystals. Currently, prototypes of these crystals has been grown.

KGW crystals

Monocrystals of our manufacture are characterized by high quality, high radiation resistance, low lasing threshold, high efficiency. We manufacture active elements of diameter 3-10 mm, length up to 80 mm according to customer’s drawings. We have possibility to grow crystals KGW with other activators.