KGW crystals

OJSC «Plant «Optic» is the leading manufacturer of potassium gadolinium tungstate monocrystals activated by neodymium α-KGd(WO4)2 — Nd3+ and active elements from it which are used for the generation of laser emission at low pumping energies (0.5-1 J). Monocrystals of our manufacture are characterized by high quality, high radiation resistance, low lasing threshold, high efficiency.

We manufacture active elements of diameter 3-10 mm, length up to 80 mm according to customer’s drawings. The order is realized as soon as possible and in required quantity.
We have possibility to grow crystals KGW with other activators.


Dopant concentration 3-10 atm.%
Orientation [010]
Dimensional tolerances (mm) dia.: +0,0/-0,05
length: +0,0мм/- 0,10
Parallelism error ≤ 20″
Perpendicularity tolerances ≤ 15′
Flatness ≤ λ/10
Chamfers < 0,1mm х 45º
Coating Reflection coefficient: ≤0,2% @1064 nm
Surface quality 10-5S-D (per MIL-0-1383 OA) II-III class according to GOST 11141