Lenses are the most common optical parts. As a material for lenses we use optical glass of different types, salt crystals (KCl).

OJSC “Plant “Optic” produces:

  • Plano-convex, plano-concave, biconvex, double-convex, aspherical lenses;
  • Glued lenses (doublets);
  • Aspherical automotive lenses made of glass BOK 3 UV are used in automobile headlights of far and passing light, provide high lighting technical characteristics;
  • Lenses from salt crystals.

Application domain: binoculars, telescopes, optical sights, theodolites, microscopes, photo and video equipment, medical devices, etc.


Material optical glass, salt crystals
Diameter, mm from  4 to 250
Diameter tolerance f 7
Tolerance on center thickness, mm from ± 0,03
Surface accuracy N=2 ∆N 0,3
Surface quality in accordance with GOST 11141
Decentering 0,003
Chamfers min 0,1
Clear aperture (working aperture) 90-98%
Focal length variation range, mm from 3 to ∞
Coating in accordance with customer’s requirements