Metal working

To date, we have free production facilities for metal processing and the possibility of manufacturing products using special, turning, milling, locksmithing, welding works.
We are able to perform the machining of parts by the following operations:

Turning (screw-cutting lathes):

— disks with a diameter of up to 1500 mm;
— shaft with a length of up to 2000 mm.
Grinding (round, flat, threaded, intra-, centerless, grinding machines).
Milling (horizontal, vertical milling machines).
Gear-cutting (cutting, milling, grinding of teeth).
Thread tapping (technical possibilities: Ø 50mm).
Drilling (vertical, technical possibilities: Ø 60 mm).
Planing (machining planer, cross-planer).
Manufacturing of molds, stamps.
Bench work, debugging (making staples and calibers).
Heat treatment in stone ovens, HDTV, salt baths.
Vacuum coating of surfaces (hardening) with titanium nitride.