Prisms are one of the main elements in the creation of optical systems and devices.

We produce prisms of different configurations:

  • rectangular prisms;
  • roof prisms;
  • oblique angled prisms;
  • pentaprism;
  • rhombic prisms;
  • retroreflective prisms;
  • beam-splitting cubes;
  • hexahedrons;
  • octahedrons;
  • three-mirror and four-mirror prisms-lenses (analogues of prisms according to Goldman and Van Boiningen).

Application domain: optical instrument for various purposes, such as observational optical instruments (telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and others), optical devices for recording images on electronic receivers, complex multifunctional optical instruments.


Material optical glass, fused silica, zerodur, glass ceramics
Accuracy of angle dimensions from 2”
Dimension tolerance, mm ±0,03
Surface flatness 0,1 fringes (τ/20)
Surface quality in accordance with GOST 11141
Deviation of the inlet and outlet beam ± 2”
Coating in accordance with customer’s requirements