Fiber optic tapers


Fiber optic taper is a hard fiber optic element made of optical fibers with an varying diameter. Fiber optic taper is designed to change the scale of the transmitted image, for the concentration of light energy.

Fiber optic tapers are applied in various electron-optical systems, in medical technique. In some application fiber optic taper provides compact, effective connection of the luminescent screen and photodetector array.


Material optical glass  TBF 10/WО 50/WТО 2314
Fiber size, mkm 6, 7
Diameter of large end, mm 5-80
Ratio of large and small ends 5:1
Length, mm 10-90
Calculated numerical aperture from the side of the small end 1,0; 0,5
Flatness of effective areas up to N =5 ∆N =1
Spectral transmittance in diffuse light at the wavelength 550 nm from 30 to 80 %
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion at temperature range from 20° С до 300° С (73±3)*10-7° С-1