Fiber optic plates (FOP)

Fiber optic plates (FOP) are used as the input/output windows of the image-converter tubes (ICT), as the screen of the electron-beam tubes and other optoelectronic systems.


Material optical glass TBF 10/WО 50/WТО 73
Fiber size, mkm 6, 7
Max. size of the plate, mm 125 х 125
Calculated numerical aperture 1,0
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion at temperature range from 20° С до 300° С (73±3)*10-7° С-1
Spectral transmittance in diffuse light at 550nm wavelength and  4mm thickness 60 %
Image distortion by straight line no more than 50 mkm
Coefficient of the contrast transfer at the spatial frequency
5,0 lin/mm 0,98
12,5 lin/mm 0,96
25,0 lin/mm 0,90
50,0 lin/mm 0,75