Lighting bundles

Fiber-optic bundles are assembled of thin optical fibers and have high flexibility. Their flexibility allows to connect separate mutually movable elements, facilitates the laying of a network of lightguide channels inside devices and mechanisms.

Bundles are designed to transmit light in the visible region of the spectrum.

Application area:
• Instrument making;
• Automotive industry;
• Medicine;
• In illuminating devices of cold light.


Material optical glass WS- 92/S52-1
Fiber size, mkm from 15 to 50
Length, mm up to 3600
Diameter or square of section side of the working part from 1 to 20
Calculated numerical aperture at least 0,5
Average transmission coefficient up to 0,5
Types bundles can be single-channel or multi-channel in the form of collector
Tips of bundle cylindrical or shaped of metal or plastic
Form of the ends round or square section
Bundle sheathing bundle sheathing is silicone, PVC, metal hose