Road marking insert (RMI)

Вставка разметочная

RMI are designed for installation on center malls, pedestrian crossings to improve visual orienting drivers on the roadway at night, in rainy weather, in snow. RMI are made according to the modern road safety requirements.

Description of RMI:
RMI casing has the form of sphere segment (diameter – 135 mm, height of the peaking sphere – 21,5 mm) with anchor (length – 76,5 mm, diameter – 24 mm) for fixing in the paving. The casing is made of sheet noncorrosive steel (GOST 5582) or sheet steel 08 (GOST 9045) with undercoat, anchor is made of sheet steel (GOST 9045). The mounting with 3 light reflective elements (one-sided RMI) or with 6 elements (double-sided) is installed in the segment of sphere. The lens mounting is made of polyamide 6 (Technical specifications of Republic of Belarus 0020-6262-151), light reflective element is made of glass BOK3-UV Reflecting aluminium coat is applied on the light reflective elements.
Installation of RMI is made on a previously prepared hole of the paving by bituminous polymer sealant T-65 (Ш-75).

Technical characteristics:

Light intensity specific coefficient, min.:
— at the entrance angle -4º 250cd/lc∙m²
— at the entrance angle -30º 150cd/lc∙m²
Manimum loading at the pressure by movement of automobile 60 kg/cm
Weight, max. 0,5 kg