Mirror ophthalmoscope

Mirror ophthalmoscope is designed for examination of the ophthalmic fundus, cornea, moisture of the eye chambers, lens and vitreous body.
Mirror ophthalmoscopes allow to examine the transparency of the ocular media in transmitted light, the status of the fundus by indirect ophthalmoscopy, to determine the clinical eye refraction using a set of sciascopy frames by the shadow test method. When using indirect ophthalmoscopy in addition to the mirror of the ophthalmoscope, a double-convex lens of 13 diopters (+ 13D) or 20 diopters (+ 20D) is required, whereby an inverted enlarged image of the fundus is obtained between the magnifying glass and the eye of the doctor.
The ophthalmoscope is OZ-2. The OZ-2 version, the viewing hole is made without drilling with no reflective coating in the center of the mirror.
The set of mirror ophthalmoscope also includes two magnifiers + 13D, + 20D and two diaphragms.
Operating conditions: temperature range from + 10 °С to + 35 °С, relative humidity not more than 80% at 25 °С.
The service life of mirror ophthalmoscope is at least 10 years.


Model Overall dimensions, mm Clear aperture,


Focal length,


Diameter of the inspection hole in the center of the mirrors, mm Weight, g
Set of mirror ophthalmoscope ОZ-2 160х80х30 43 175±10 3,5 200