Sapphire optics

Our company OJSC «Plant Optic» has mastered the processing of optical components (windows (plates), protective glasses) from sapphire (leucosapphire Al2O3) with reflection, antireflection and beam-splitting coatings.

Due to its unique physical properties, sapphire can be used for the manufacture of optical parts operating under extreme conditions, i.e. at high temperatures, pressure, mechanical loads, in aggressive environments.

The basic physical properties of optical sapphire:

Resistant to common acids and alkalis at temperatures up to 1000 °C
hardness 9 according Mohs
Tensile strength 2250 Mpa
Compressive strength 2950 Mpa
Bending strength 2950 Mpa
Density (specific weight) 3.98 g /cm3
Melting point 2040 °C
Heat resistance 165 °C
Linear expansion coefficient +/- 60 °C
Thermal conductivity coefficient 27.21 W / (m K) at 300
Transmission parameters from and to 0.17 – 5.5 mkm
Refractive parameters, n 1.75449 (o), 1.74663 (e)  (1=1.06 mkm)

The products are processed according to technical requirements and specifications of the customer.